AVFLOSS begins

This working group wants to serve as a meeting point for people interested in free software for audiovisual, which has had a great development in recent times.
There are programs for video, 2D and 3D animation, sound, etc., supported by stable and very active communities formed by artists, developers and makers.


Our culture seems very consolidated in the audiovisual aspect with the coexistence of different aesthetics, trends and codes. This eclecticism manifests itself in an enormous audiovisual production. The means of production, technology is more accessible and facilitates the emergence of prosumers rather than uncritical consumers of audiovisual products.

The choice of free software tools and distributed, interdisciplinary and collaborative forms of production in audiovisual production has diverse implications at a technical, sociological, and economic level and connects us with models and ways of doing where we seek the independence of unique workflows.

This working group arises from the need for meeting places where experimentation with tools and forms alternative to those established in industry is combined with its implementation in the creation of audiovisual content.

Participants Profile

The working group is open to people interested in audiovisual production and with notions in any of its facets and processes: audiovisual artists, scenic artists, screenwriters, sound artists, lighting, editing, documentary, cameras, etc., interested in free software tools for audiovisual. If you do not have audiovisual experience but a lot of interest, we invite you to participate as well.

This is a group of self-learning to share and generate knowledge about audiovisual production and practical work.